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A quick craps tutorial

Below we've provided an introductory craps tutorial that will cover the main concepts of the game (including the important pass line bet) and help set you on a course to quickly learn and understand other bets.

Try our free craps game

Be sure to try Gamble-World's free craps game (click the 'no download free craps' image located immediately above and to the right of this text). This free craps game suite comes with an integrated chat room that allows you to have a little chatter and banter with other players as you play, and you can switch at leisure to try other free casino favorites, such as blackjack, roulette, slots and video poker.

The quick tutorial

Craps is played on a large long flat felt table with walls built along the sides. For the game-play, typically someone will be throwing a pair of dice down from one end of the table to the other. You can bet on the outcome of that roll, and on numerous other things that relate to the outcome of this roll.

The person throwing the dice is known as the 'shooter'. The shooter is only the shooter for one 'round', and then the dice is passed along to the next person on their left. This happens when the round comes to an end, and the new dice-holder starts the next round. Remember, you can see our Craps Guide page for full explanations of the popular craps terms/jargon.

The very first roll of a new shooter is called the 'come-out roll'. Before the shooter rolls the come-out roll for a round, they are required to make a pass-line bet. Other players will likely also make a pass line bet at this point, although it is not necessary. What the shooter rolls on the come-out roll is important. The resulting dice total will win, lose or remain neutral for pass line bets. If it wins or loses (a win is a roll of 7 or 11, a loss is a roll of 2, 3, or 12) the round is instantly over and the same shooter rolls another come-out roll.

When the come-out roll doesn't instantly win or lose for the pass line bets, it obviously means that a different number has been rolled. The only other numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. If one of these is rolled it becomes known as 'the point' number for the remainder of the round. Next, the pass line bets that have been left in limbo are resolved (won or lost) based around the point number. After the point has been set, the shooter just keeps on rolling (throwing the dice). If they happen to roll the point number a second time before they roll a 7, the pass line bets win. If the shooter happens to roll a 7 before they hit the point number again, the pass line bets lose. Sevens out and the round ends at that time!

The shooter is by default a pass line bettor (remember how you have to place a pass line bet before you can shoot the come-out roll?). Everyone else who chooses to make a pass line bet along with the shooter is said to be playing 'with the dice'. The pass line bet is itself a bet that is 'with the dice'. In the case of someone placing a bet that wins when the pass line bettors lose, they would be known as 'wrong bettors' or 'betting against the dice' (they're usually not very popular with the other players at the table … maybe because they're betting on a loss).

Please explore the rest of the links in our navigation menu as well as try your hand at our free craps game in order to get a better handle on this wonderful game called craps.

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